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Aviation Fuel

Extonpetrol Aero, an arm of the Company is among the top supplier operator of fuel, refuelling and sales of aviation fuel both in Russian aviation market and globally.

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The core operation of Extonpetrol-Aero, a subsiadiary of Extonpetrol LLC, is the supply and refuelling of aviation fuel. The year end of 2016 has proven that Extonpetrol is among Russia's top market leader in terms of sales and supply by volume of aviation fuel in Chuvash and abroad totalling to about 0.945 million tonnes.

Low-sulphur type fueloil must be stored in properly constructed and equipped tanks. The company has again expanded the geography of sales over the past year. As of the end of 2016, Extonpetrol provided jet fuel supply services at several airports both in Russia, CIS countries and globally.

The consistency in the high quality of the company’s aviation fuels is ensure through direct supplies from extonpetrol oil refineries in collaboration with trusted local suppliers abroad as a finely-tuned quality control system at the company’s fully regulated laboratories.