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Our Location Chuvash Republic, Russia

Company Overview

Key Management

Konstantin A. Lebedev

CEO/Executive Director, Extonpetrol

Ilia A. Gribanov

Vice-Executive Director, Refining & Logistics (EP)

Natalia D. Sidorova

Financial Director, Extonpetrol

Lev N. Tolstoy

Director, Offshore & Drilling Projects (EP)

Anatoly A. Smirnov

Director, Legal & Consulting Dept. (EP)

Kirill S. Serbski

Executive Director, Sales & Marketing Dept (EP)

Rinat K. Sabirov

Executive Director, Export Dept (EP)

Vladislav B. Filippov

Director, Technical Operations (EP)

Executive Board Memebrs


Viktor A. Kuzmin

Chair of the Board / Board's Executive Development Committee, Extonpetrol

Dmitry K. Sverchkov

Deputy Chair of the Board / chair of the Board's Safety, Sustainability and Ethics Committee

Grigory D. Platnikov

Member of the Board of Directors / Chair of the Board's Audit Committee.

Alexander N. Volodin

Member of the Board of Directors / Chair of the Board's Audit Committee.

Extonpetrol Limited has grown up along with the emergence of others in Chuvashia oil and gas industry, dating back to the late 1998. Today, the company is one of Chuvash Republic's largest suppliers of oil and gas. Construction of the plant started by order of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation and the Chuvashia dated August 20, 1998.

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