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Extonpetrol LLC has a refinery, processing plants and terminals that transforms crude oil and natural gas into everyday commodities such as petrol, diesel, heating oil and consumer-ready natural gas. A reliable value chain is essential to provide oil and gas consumers with the long-term energy security that underpins economic growth. These facilities play a key role in keeping the wheels of society turning.

Our midstream operations oversee the transportation of oil and gas to end-users or plants, where they are processed further. At this stage, crude oil and other liquids such as gas condensates, are sent to refineries through pipelines, by ship or truck. Gas may be transported via pipelines, or liquefied and shipped as liquid natural gas (LNG) for regasification close to end-users. Storage is also required for both oil and LNG. Our refinery, processing plants and terminals play a key role in the transport and treatment of oil and gas from the Russian continental shelf. Most of our products are exported to the CIS, continental Europe, but we also export to North America and Asia.

We operate 1 Refinery, 2 Petrochemical Plant Units and about 750 service stations in Russian & CIS. This value chain turns crude oil into a range of refined products, which are moved and marketed for household, industrial and transport use. The products include, among others, gasoline, diesel, heating oil, aviation fuel, lubricants, bitumen, sulphur and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Extonpetrol subsidiary ExtonGas-Transport has a great number of road transportation vehicles and more than 2,500 drivers who who cover high mileage on a daily basis under most various exploitation conditions and responds to a wide range of user requests:

  • Transportation services of oil and gas to both end users or plants;
  • Heavy freight transport – supplying work sites with tools, equipment, working fluids, engine fuel;
  • Freight handling services (auto cranes with the rated capacity of up to 100 t and specialty vehicles equipped with hydraulic cranes)
  • Renting and leasing of construction machines and equipment;
  • Other supporting traffic activities.