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Our Location Chuvash Republic, Russia

Exploration and Production

As for oil and gas production, Extonpetrol is part of the largest subsoil user in the Russian Federation, especially in the Chuvash Republic. The company owns over 15% of the licenses for hydrocarbons production in the entire distributed reserves. In the process of our operations, we adhere to highest standards of subsoil user responsibility and the principle of strict compliance with all licensed obligations.

We have an establisged upstream Portfolio and active in oil & gas exploration and production. Extonpetrol Limited and its Subsidiaries hold licenses for oil and gas prospecting, exploration and production from 15 subsoil areas. 37 oil and gas fields are located at these subsoil areas, including:

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the Zapadno-Asomkinskoye, Zapadno-Pokamasovskoye, Zapadno-Ust-Balykskoye, Zapadno-Chistinnoye, Aganskoye, Arigolskoye, Achimovskoye, Vatinskoye, Vakhskoye, Vostochno-Okhteurskoye, Ininskoye, Ketovskoye, Kysomskoye, Lokosovskoye, Lugovoye, Maksimkinskoye, Malochernogorskoye, Megionskoye, Mykhpaiskoye, Novo-Pokurskoye, Ostrovnoye, Pokamasovskoye, Samotlorskoye, Severo-Orekhovskoye, Severo-Ostrovnoye, Severo-Pokurskoye, Tailakovskoye, Travyanoye, Uzunskoye, Fainskoye, Chistinnoye, Yuzhno-Aganskoye, Yuzhno-Ostrovnoye, Yuzhno-Pokamasovskoye and Yuzhno-Chistinnoye fields in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area – Yugra.

In the Krasnoyarsk region:

  • we have 4 licenses to perform operations in the Kuyumbinskoye field (Kuyumbinsky, Kordinsky, Abrakupchinsky LAs and a part of Tersko-Kamovsky LA)
  • and in the northern part of the Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye field, the operations are conducted (in the Tersko-Kamovsky license area)
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According to research and geological prospecting in 2016 in Russia, the total reserves estimated to about 207 million ton of oil equivalent from 13 fields and 127 new deposits that were discovered. The total estimate of oil in the Eastern Siberia and the Far East amounted to 21.2 million tons of oil and condensate and 29 billion cubic meters of gas. 11 exploration wells were completed as well with more than 50% success rate.