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Extonpetrol, as a responsible company takes seriously the issues of quality and quality assurance of its products.

Both the Downstream Laboratory Department and the Upstream Laboratory conduct their work as part of the EP ExtonGas Technology, providing quality testing services for every stage in the petroleum production and refining process. Laboratory testing during final quality control, i.e. prior to the delivery of fuel to end users, is conducted with the aim of ensuring fuel quality during transport from the refinery to the petrol stations, and preventing fuel degradation in transport.

The capacities and competences of the Laboratory are confirmed in regular inspections carried out by the Accreditation Body of Russia. The laboratories have cutting-edge laboratory equipment and highly-trained engineering and technical staff. Test reports verify that the quality of the fuel produced is in compliance with the quality standards prescribed by national laws and regulations. The design of the enterprise's plant and its built was carried out in accordance with the technological plan of the fuel type of the oil refinery. The main complex of technological facilities was constructed in the 1990s, then it was rebuilt and brought into compliance with the respective standards of technological processes.