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Marine Fuel

The high quality of the EURO DIESEL we provide ensures maximum performance, proper starting and flawless engine operation, and in accordance with local and global standards.

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Extonpetrol supplies river vessels with top quality Euro diesel at its bunkering stations found along river routes in Serbia. It is a blended residual and distillate fuel which must be preheated during transport, storage, and use, and it is intended for use in metallurgy and for all industry plants where a low sulphur content is required, as well as for power units. It is obtained in the blending procedure whereby vacuum residue, visbreaking residues, atmospheric residues, decanted oil and diesel components are blended together.

The type Extra light fuel oil (EURO LF) is obtained by blending diesel components, it is a distillate fuel intended for industrial use, professional use, and for power units. It is intended for vaporization burners, as well as for all pressure burners, without the possibility of preheating fuel. The EURO EL extra light gas oil is a distillate energy-generating fuel which must be coloured a stable orange and must contain an indicator.