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Natural Gas Transmission

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ExtonGas, a branch of Extonpetrol Limited is the largest gas transmission system operator in the Chuvash Republic of Russia, and one of the largest gas supplier to the CIS and Europe. The gas volumes from ExtonGas on the Yuzhno-Chistinnoye fields in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area – Yugra — which Extonpetrol also markets—constitute more than 15 per cent of the gas market in Europe.

The company develops and participates in a number of important gas value chains worldwide. It performs its activities under regulated market conditions. Aside from domestic natural gas transmission, ExtonGas also engages in transit activities for Ukraine, Belarus (CIS) and Europe. In international comparison, the Company’s grid is one of those that operated according to the highest technological standards. ExtonGas ranks among the companies of strategic importance within the region. Its dynamism and efficiency make the company one of Europe’s most significant natural gas TSOs.

Our network of gas pipeline system ensure clean and safe natural gas to Russians and the CIS. The Company structure includes gas-processing plants located in Chuvash and also partner with other gas processing companies, Samara region JSC Neftegorsky and others to process associated petroleum gas supplied from the oil and gas fieldsand a technological hydrocarbon mixture supplied from the oil and gas fields to the following product range:

  • light hydrocarbons of broad fractions;
  • dry stripped gas;
  • solid industrial gas sulfur and ethane fraction.