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Oil and Lubricants

Satisfaction of customer’s needs for modern world class lubricants, quality improvement and sales increase are the Company’s priority development lines.

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Extonpetrol — Lubricants, a subsidiary of Extonpetrol specialises in the production, marketing and sale of oils, lubricants and technical fluids special use fluids, greases intended for passenger and commercial vehicles, and for a broad range of industrial equipment.. The company owns production assets in Chuvashia, European Russia (Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod).

Extonpetrol has been expanding its range of products, conforming to all requirements of engine manufacturers and complying with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. It is actively modernizing the capacities for production of base and ready-to-use oils of various applications and applications subject to retaining state-of-the-art world-class technologies in this sphere. The sales of lubricants produced by the Company in 2015 totaled 238 thousand tons, whereas 175 thousand tons were sold in the domestic market.

Extonpetrol produces the following types of oils and lubricants:

  • EPLUB motor oils
  • EPLUB brake fluid
  • EPLUB hydraulic oils, compressor oils, oils for transmitters
  • EPLUB oils for agricultural and construction machines
  • EPLUB grease
  • EPLUB anti-freeze