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Extonpetrol Limited has grown up along with the emergence of others in Chuvashia oil and gas industry, dating back to the late 1998. Today, the company is one of Chuvash Republic's largest suppliers of oil and gas. Construction of the plant started by order of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation and the Chuvashia dated August 20, 1998.

And the processing plants for primary refining of crude oil commenced regular operations in 2011. The following year, during a ceremonial session, the Refinery Council declared the completion of the overall construction of the facilities and installations of the refinery.

We have been one of the most important players in the Chuvashia oil industry, and has contributed strongly to make Chuvash Republic into a modern industrial nation. Today, Chuvash Republic is among the fastest growing productive petroleum provinces in Russian Federation and a test lab for technology development.  

  • 1998-2010
    Design and construction of processing plant to produce about 15mln tons of crude oil per year.
    The production base include the crude distillation unit with the capacity of 4 million tons per year (АВТ-1), black oil thermal cracking unit (15-5), and the bitumen production unit (19-5).
  • 2011
    The commissioning of catalytic gasoline reforming unit.
    More faclities were commssioned for oil production with the capacity of 120 thousand tons per year, the second crude distillation unit, facilities for hydrofining of diesel fuel, desulfurization of dry gases, and the facility for production of sulfuric acid from hydrogen sulphide were commissioned.
  • 2012
    We challenge accepted practice to find better ways of working to generate further value
  • 2013-2014
    Plant expansion project was implemented by constructing the crude distillation units АТ-8, AVT-6, hydrocracking of diesel fuel, refining of gasolines, production of aromatic carbohydrates, increase of production capacity of lubrication oils.
    Due to high demand of several oil products, new facilities were built to meet the requirements under individual project. Thus, to increase production of high quality lubrication oil additives, the facilities for production of succinamide and sulfate additives were built, and same year, the complex for production of liquid paraffins was put into operation.
  • 2014-2015
    Extonpetrol Incorporated extends its Upstream portfolio in the Chuvashia Central North part with offshore assets in 2 licences
    Expansion of service stations.
  • 2015-2016
    Expansion of Refinery via construction of new unit. 5 major projects were implemented, including Vacuum Gasoil Hydrocracking Complex.
    In recent years, we have utilised our expertise to design and manage operations in various environments in order to grow our upstream activities outside our traditional area of offshore production. This includes the development of heavy oil and shale gas projects.

We are participating in projects that focus on other forms of energy, such as offshore wind and carbon capture and storage, in anticipation of the need to expand energy production, strengthen energy security and combat adverse climate change.

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