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Sales and Marketing

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Extonpetrol pursues vivdly an efficient marketing policy and owns a developed oil product sales infrastructure on both the domestic and international markets. Extonpetrol has significantly increased its petroleum product export sales to 27.6 mln tons in 2016.

Extonpetrol sells crude oil, gas and petroleum products in the domestic and international markets, driving optimal distribution of flows to fit the market and maximize net revenue. The Company owns crude oil and petroleum products transshipment facilities, as well as pipelines, which helps minimize transportation costs.
A subsidiary of Extonpetrol, EPExport LLC, engaged in export-bound transshipment of thirdparty oil products and marine fuel transshipment services via the sea terminal, and oil transshipment via the Belokamenka floating storage. In 2013, oil products transshipment volumes (with bunkering services) via the terminal amounted to 1.2 mmt, and third-party oil transshipment volumes, to 2.5 mmt.

Extonpetrol is the major seller of exchange-based trading in motor fuels in the Russian Federation. In 2015, the Company accounted for 26% of gasoline, 30% of diesel fuel, and 39% of fuel oil traded through exchange.

EP Oil and Gas Marketing Structure (2016)

Extonpetrol is engaged in the sales and marketing of oil and gas products: in wholesale trade in oil, petroleum products, gas, gas processing products and petrochemicals, and retail sales of petroleum products and petrochemicals. The Company sells most of its products on the international market, with oil being also sold on the domestic market.
In 2016, crude oil sales went down by 0.9% to 27.6 million tonnes, primarily due to growing supplies to European refineries and declining production, which was partly offset by higher trading volumes. Far-abroad markets accounted for ca. 82% of crude oil sales; 13% were sold in Russia and 5% in the CIS.

  • Marketing in CIS Countries

  • 4.85% Oil and Gas sale
  • Marketing to countries of former Soviet Union
  • Marketing within Russia

  • 13.1% sales of Oil and Gas
  • Domestinc Marketing Of Oil products
  • International Market

  • 82.05% of International Export
  • Marketing outside countries of the Soviet Union

Extonpetrol supplies bulk of its petroleum products through its well diversified distribution network in the retail market of 2,309 filling stations and 35 oil depots in Russia, the CIS and globally.
In 2016, the Company's total retail sales amounted to 6.9 million tones of petroleum products, of which 2.8 million tones were sold in Russia and 3.1 million tones abroad. The optimized distribution network helped increase average daily sales per filling station in Russia.