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Social Responsibility

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Social responsibility (SR) is integrated into the way we do business, enhancing our ability to be an effective and trusted energy partner.

At Extonpetrol, we are committed to being a trusted energy partner and community member in all of our areas of operation. One way we do this is by integrating social responsibility (SR) into the way we do business. Our approach to Social Responsibility is centered on three focus areas: stakeholder engagement, social risk and impact management, and strategic social investments that facilitate direct and indirect local benefits. Proactively engaging with communities and stakeholders where we operate maximizes our business value, helps us manage social risks and impacts and creates opportunities for stakeholders.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda is built on the following that influence our daily interactions with our stakeholders:

Recruiting and training great staff

By recruiting and training the right individuals with the right skills, we seek to offer an enhanced level of service to our customers. We believe that investing in our people improves employee retention and increases our productivity. Extonpetrol operates a programme of ongoing internal promotions and job rotations, which – combined with individual career plans and recognition initiatives – contribute to reducing staff turnover.  

Caring for the environment

Extonpetrol constantly seeks to strengthen its relationship with federal and regional suppliers to take advantage of these mutual growth opportunities. With the fastest growth in the sector, Extonpetrol’s ever-increasing requirements help to boost suppliers production capacity, while our modern and efficient supply chain provides federal, regional and local producers access to wider domestic markets across Russia.  

Local sourcing

Extonpetrol - as a major refinery in Chuvashia, we recognise our responsibility towards the community and the environment in which we operate. Moreover, we are committed to minimising any adverse impact – whether caused by use of materials, energy, transportation or disposal of waste. We aim to comply with national and regional legislation relating to our operations – and work in close collaboration with local authorities and communities when planning new store sites.  

Promoting health and safety

We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for our employees and customers. Extonpetrol’s Active Safety programme was developed in-house in line with both local and international best practice. Based on modular training units, the programme reinforces the safety of visitors, customers and employees, and is mandatory for all employees.  

Making a positive contribution to local communities

We are committed to playing an active part in the communities in which we operate, not just through the provision of employment and local contracts, but through financial and ‘in kind’ support to local charities and educational, health, leisure and cultural institutions. We maintain an active investment programme in local infrastructure, driven by local government. We also operate a number of partnership agreements with regional authorities aimed at enhancing socio-economic cooperation.