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At Extonpetrol, we are pleased to give our support to talented young people in sport, culture and education, helping them to become the Heroes of Tomorrow.

Our success is down to individuals with the ability and desire to think outside the box. Individuals who strive to make the impossible possible. Individuals with the skills and determination to achieve remarkable results. It is individuals like these who hold the key to a successful future—not just for our company, but for society as a whole. We like to call them Heroes of Tomorrow.
Heroes who inspire us and bring us together, such as high achievers in the fields of sports and culture. However, because our world is facing major challenges, we also need highly skilled professionals to help us progress in the future. Our goal is to inspire talented individuals to strive for future success. Sponsorships give us the opportunity to contribute to local communities and we have therefore chosen to support talent development through our Heroes of Tomorrow programme designed to inspire talented individuals to strive for future success in sport, culture and education. For everyone’s benefit and enjoyment.