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Sustainability and ExtonPetrol

Sustainable development is one of the strategic objective of Extompetrol, but it is also a fundamental practice we keep perfecting to increase the quality of life in the community we operate, develop human resources and preserve the natural ones.

In an industry that is constantly changing and requires a high degree of expertise, the skills of our employees are a key competitive advantage and the most valuable asset of Extonpetrol. The relation with our employees is built on the principle of equal treatment. The integration and progress of each employee in Extonpetrol are evaluated based on their qualifications, performances and ambitions, without any discrimination based on gender, age, origin, color, religion, nationality, family status or beliefs.
We pay special attention into maximizing the value of our employees by creating a healthy, positive and modern working environment in which individuality is appreciated. Moreover, we support the continuous development of each employee while at the same time encouraging teamwork. Extonpetrol has created a large corporate family that communicates, supports its employees, and shares their problems, joys and concerns.


Our approach to sustainability

We have developed six important promises for our community relations:  

  • Aim for Outstanding Resource Efficiency

  • We are committed to using resources efficiently, and reusing or recycling as appropriate. This reduces environmental impact and can also save costs. Laying a strong legacy of energy efficiency, we are now increasing our efforts on water management and fresh water consumption.

  • General and Functional Core training skills
  • Continuous improvement and development
  • Support in working towards professional qualifications, including Chartered status


  • Learn from the experience of a senior manager
  • Seek advice, support and guidance on your progress and goals
  • Challenge and stretch yourself to develop

Performance Appraisal  

  • Ongoing informal discussions on performance
  • Annual formal discussion with your line manager
  • Agree next challenge & stretch targets for the year ahead
  • Aim of ongoing and formal discussions is to review progress, continually improve and gain recognition for achievements


  • Enhanced salary progression during graduate programme
  • Competitive starting salary, increasing with experience
  • Attractive company benefits


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