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According to us, the biggest challenge facing the world today is how to achieve a balance between the need to ensure a secure and cost-efficient supply of energy and to reduce carbon emissions. We believe that technology and innovation are key to solving these challenges and our technology strategy sets the direction for how

Extonpetrol's target is to accelerate competence development to define the future by building a material renewable energy portfolio, maximising value of low recovery reservoirs, value chain perspective reducing emissions from reservoir to market, enabling production from frontier and deep-water areas, .Our success is down to individuals with the ability and desire to think outside the box. Individuals who strive to make the impossible possible. Individuals with the skills and determination to achieve remarkable results.
The design of the enterprise's plant and its built was carried out in accordance with the technological plan of the fuel type of the oil refinery. The main complex of technological facilities was constructed in the 1990s, then it was rebuilt and brought into compliance with the respective standards of technological processes.

The Enterprise's Complex consists of the following Technological Structure:

  • Oil Processing Units - AVt-1, AVT-2, AVT-6, АТ-3, АТ-8;
  • Dewaxing of oils;
  • Selective oil refining - А-37/1, А-37/3, ВТ-1;
  • Catalytic reforming - L-35-11/300, L-35-11/600, L-35/6, LCh-35-11/600, LG-35-8/300B;
  • Cogeneration gas turbine unit (CGTP);
  • Additives to lubrication oils (alkylphenol, succinamide, sulphonate);
  • Paraxylene, UOP PAREX, ethylbenzene, mixed xyenes, orthoxylene, pseudocumene;
  • bitumen (19/5, 19/6);
  • deasphaltization of goudron (36/4);
  • ...


  • Project related development as part of our field development activities
  • In-house research and development (R&D)
  • Cooperation with academia and research institutes
  • Collaborative development projects with our major suppliers
  • Direct investment in technology start-up companies through our EP Technology Invest venture activities

Our technology strategy

Extonpetrol's long-term direction for technology development is sets through three strategic directions covering oil and gas, reductions of carbon emissions, and renewable energy. Here is an introduction to the content in these directions

  • Optimization of Production from existing and near field resources

  • Unlock existing and near field hydrocarbon potential
  • Improved exploration evaluation methods
  • Safe and efficient operations
  • Improved reservoir characterisation and early production solutions for tight reservoirs
  • Reduction of Emission and Decarbonization Solutions of Oil & Gas

  • Value chains with carbon capture, utilisation and storage
  • Energy efficient field development and operation
  • Low carbon power and heat supply
  • Environmental technology and competence to provide license to operate
  • Acceleration of Competence Development to Renewable Energy Opportunities

  • Optimise cost and efficiency for wind parks
  • Managing intermittent power through energy storage
  • Build competence and respond rapidly to unlock new opportunities (e.g. solar, geothermal)
  • Maximise value in an environmentally sustainable way